Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church

One Big Family In Christ

Sisters In Christ

Our Women's Ministry offers all the women of our church a variety of opportunities for fellowship, teaching, prayer, and service. Our goal is to put into practice the biblical gifts of service to others, encouragement of others, and support for others.

Living Sacrifices: Are you willing? 

Romans 12:3-8

Our Motto:

God I want to see You,

God I want to hear You,

God I want to know You,

So that I can follow hard after you every day!

Sisters In Christ Officers

Sis. Diana Patton President;               Sis. Brenda Cain Vice-President                   Sis. Sierra Tate Secretary

          Sis. Shirilyn Holt, Bible Teacher                                              Sis. Delores Meredith, Treasurer

Sisters In Christ Group

September 22, 2013 - Can You Help A Sistah Out?

Bible Study and Dinner

2015 Christmas Party